Throughout the past century, the awareness of space has affected all kinds of disciplines. Still, the vast majority of research and creative practice aims to refine technologies and methods to (re-)create a naturalistic auditory experience — paying little attention to the question of how we experience space in its various dimensions, including the phenomenological, the social, and the emotional space.
How can artistic ideas and utopias concerned with sound and space be transformed into real art experiences by utilizing state of the art 3D audio technologies, but also rather unconventional material arrangements to form our experience of space and sound? What tools do we need to exploit the full potential of the artistic ideas? How is spatial sound perceived and experienced by the audience?

spæs addresses these questions by discussing, evaluating, and reflecting spatial sound with all the multifaceted dimensions of space and applies these technologies as instruments to go beyond formulation and realisation of ideas simply sourced from technology-enabled effects.

spæs members offer

  • consultancy
  • research
  • thesis supervision
  • composition
  • sound design
  • production
  • studio rental

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