As the melting pot of our individual lab member's services and products, spaes is your partner for realizing the complex, multifaceted, and interdisciplinary projects in spatial audio.

Be it research, development, or production: When complementary perspectives on a spatial audio project are required, we tailor a team of experts in the fields of:

  • composition
  • studio & field recording
  • sound design
  • mixing
  • spatial strategies
  • sound scenography
  • spatial audio product design
  • development and programming of spatial audio software
  • education: workshops, training, classes

We have many years of experience with many spatial audio technologies, including:

  • state of the art 3D sound projection (IKO, 393)
  • ambisonics
  • wave field synthesis
  • binaural 3D audio
  • VR / AR / XR
  • object- and channel-based production workflows


All spatial audio studios associated with spaes can be rented, with optional technical and aesthetical support.

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