spæs lab at Funkhaus Berlin

The lab spaces at Funkhaus Berlin are located at the historic broadcasting facilities of the former GDR, directly at the Spree river.

The spatial audio studio at Funkhaus can be booked. For booking, please contact us here.

Spatial audio studio

Prototyping workshop with 3D printing

Stereo studio

Analog synth station

spatial audio loft Berlin

The spatial audio loft is located in the northern area Berlin-Wedding, close to the suburban railway circle, in a historic fire station with living and working spaces, directly at the Panke river.

The spatial audio loft can be booked on

spatial audio loft Berlin

Workshops & meeting space

spatial audio equipment

Our studios provide a variety of spatial audio technologies and equipment.

  • 24.1 spatial sound system featuring Genelec loudspeakers with partly variable positions
  • 22.1 spatial sound system featuring KRK loudspeakers with partly variable positions
  • Ambisonics software plugins
  • MNTN Spatial Sound System
  • IKO & 393 sound projectors
  • IOSONO Wave Field Synthesis
  • Dolby Atmos rendering suite
  • Geithain RL 900 reference stereo monitor
  • KS DIGITAL reference stereo monitors