The spæs residency propels the artistic research and creation of ideas that revolve around the spatial aesthetics of sound. Within the residency program, we support the development of individual ideas and methods for the artistic research and creation of spatial sound.
spæs residents have access to two different spatial sound studios equipped with multiple state-of-the-art 3D audio technologies and different loudspeaker arrangements, as well as to collaborative exhibition spaces to present the resident’s works in Berlin. We aim to tailor the residencies around the affordances of the artist’s idea.

Residents are also introduced to the most diverse methods of conceiving, modeling and presenting sound spatially in individual mentoring sessions provided by our group of mentors - sound artists, scenographers, and media scientists to rethink and practice differently the relationship between sound, space, and the listener.

who can apply

Artists from all disciplines who are working in the field of sound sculpture, sound art, auditory media art, media scenography, be it in public space or in virtual and augmented reality, are invited to apply for the spæs residency in Berlin at any stage of their career.

what we offer

mentoring and coaching
Artists are invited to discuss their ideas, plans, and proceeding work to receive feedback and advice from our members, mentors, and associated artists, designers, and engineers.

production support
The technical and methodical production workflow will be guided and supervised throughout the residency program.

During and after the conclusion of a residency, we assist resident artists to make local connections and plan engagement activities that will resonate with their interest. Activities may include workshops, exhibitions, presentation of research, a performance excerpt or concerts, focused discussions, visits, guest lectures or tutoring.

spatial sound labs
Residents have the possibility to work in two spatial sound studios being different in terms of equipment, architecture, and acoustics.

Accommodation possibilities are available.


While we are working on the acquisition of funding to provide stipends in the future, we currently offer a user-pay residency. The cost for the spæs residency depends on the applicants need and durantion of the residency.

our expectations

Since artistic exploration and experimentation does not always lead to results spæs emphasizes the creative process and experience rather than the final product. Thus, we welcome, but do not expect finished art works, or any specific type of result. Rather, we expect the working process and the reflection about the process being documented, published, and shared with the public in some way.

how to apply

We are continuously accepting submissions for residencies.

Before committing to a residency, we offer an introductory conversation to align individual needs and expectations.

Please send us an e-mail to and provide the following information.

project description
800 words max. including main purposes (research, creation, performance, design, education, other). Please provide links to pictures, sounds, or videos if applicable.

objectives and anticipated outcomes
Please indicate how your project contributes to the exploration of spatial aesthetics of sound, the desired outcome of your project and possible presentation, publication and/or documentation of the sound work.

Please indicate which kind of support or assistence you require for realizing your project (technical, theoretical, artistic, design, audio production, equipment, collaborators).

Please briefly describe your personal, professional and artistic background relevant to this project.

duration, preferred dates, and available time range
The period of a residency is variable. Please indicate the desired start and end dates for the residency. If possible include more than one optional period. You may apply for periods starting on Monday, and ending on Saturday. Residencies can last from a minimum of one week, up to four weeks. Please also state whether you are re-applying, in case when having already completed a residency previously.