spæs residency program on the spatiality of sound

The spæs residency propels the artistic research and creation of ideas that revolve around the spatial aesthetics of sound. Within the residency program, we support the development of individual ideas and methods for the artistic research and creation of spatial sound with an internationally unique spectrum: Our residents gain access to rare 3D audio production environments, to a diverse body of theoretical knowledge, to mentors rich of experience in creation and production skills of spatial sound, to a discourse of conceptual, intellectual, and practical reflection, and to a growing network of collaborating exhibition spaces in Berlin and beyond.

How can artistic ideas and utopias concerned with sound and space be transformed into real art experiences by utilizing state of the art 3D audio technologies, but also rather unconventional material arrangements to form our experience of space and sound? What tools do we need to exploit the full potential of the artistic ideas? How is spatial sound perceived and experienced by the audience? What role does light, architecture, or scenography play in the composition of spatial sound? How are established listening habits influencing the process of artistic creation through commercially occupied everyday-media? What is the visual experience demanding when sound determines space? What new forms of narration, performance, or representation can be found from re-thinking and re-assessing the spatial qualities of sound?

Artists from all disciplines who are working or would like to work in the field of sound sculpture, sound art, auditory media art, media scenography, be it in public space or in virtual and augmented reality, are invited to apply for the spæs residency in Berlin. The residents have access to a spatial sound lab equipped with multiple state-of-the-art 3D audio technologies and different loudspeaker arrangements, to the associated co-working space, and to our network of collaborative exhibition spaces to present the resident’s works in Berlin. Most importantly, the residents are introduced to the most diverse methods of conceiving, modeling and presenting sound spatially in individual mentoring sessions provided by our group of sound artists, scenographers, and media scientists to rethink and practice differently the relationship between sound, space, and the listener.

who can apply

Single artists and cross-disciplinary collectives from all disciplines, and at any stage of their career, are invited to apply for the residency. Co-operation among artists of various origins, backgrounds and interests is welcome as it often is a source of inspiration. Applicants are not expected to be familiar with audio production, and prior experience in working with spatial sound is not required.

what we offer

mentoring and coaching
Artists are invited to discuss their ideas, plans, and proceeding work to receive feedback and advice from our members, mentors, and associated artists, designers, and technical engineers.

spatial sound lab
We offer working in the spatial sound lab which is hosted by TAUCHER & MNTN The Sound of the Mountain. On 5 successive days per week from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, residents have access to multiple audio technologies and equipment, including:

  • 30.2 spatial sound system with loudspeakers on floor-, ear-, and ceiling level
  • Genelec & KRK loudspeakers
  • Geithain RL 900 reference stereo monitors
  • MNTN Spatial Sound System
  • Wave Field Synthesis by IOSONO
  • Ambisonics IKO by Sonible & IEM
  • Ambisonics software plugins
  • 32 channels direct input
  • Multiple LCD displays for working on your own or on the lab’s computers
  • Video projector and screen
  • AVID Artist Control fader pack
  • E-Piano (MIDI controller)
  • Mobile audio equipment
  • Lots of daylight (starlight, respectively)
  • Lots of artificial light
  • 70m2 space
  • Communal urban garden in the backyard

The spæs lab is located in the northern area Berlin-Wedding, close to the suburban railway circle, in a historic fire station with living and working spaces mixed. The spæs lab is for your exclusive use on 5 consecutive days between 9 am and 7 pm. The meeting room and an office work desk (co-working space) can be booked on demand. The garden in the backyard can also be used for relaxation, lunch, etc.

production supportThe technical and methodical production workflow will be guided and supervised throughout the residency program. Artists with no prior skills in audio production will be assisted by one of our highly skilled sound artists and designers.

library on the spatiality of soundBesides shelves of hard-copies and a vast digital library, we also document and archive the working process and the artistic results of the residency in our library. In the future, works might be selected to be exhibited in venues part of our network.

exhibition & publicationThe residency culminates in a public presentation of the newly developed work, which can take on several forms—from public concerts and events, listening sessions, workshops or lectures to new developed conceptual frameworks or a research publication. Artists can apply for presenting their work at one of the collaborating exhibition spaces in Berlin.

During and after the conclusion of a residency, we assist resident artists to make local connections and plan engagement activities that will resonate with their interest. Activities may include workshops, exhibitions, presentation of research, a performance excerpt or concerts, focused discussions, visits, guest lectures or tutoring.

spæs lab membershipWith being accepted for a residency, you will be offered a membership at the spæs lab. This has multiple advantages:
  • Reduced rates for booking the spæs lab in the future
  • Providing ongoing support after a residency (promotion, professional development, etc.)
  • Exchange with other alumni’s
  • Latest news in the field
  • Access to the member’s non-public social network
  • Simplified access to follow-up residencies for continuation of the work

our expectations

We emphasize the creative process and experience rather than the final product.

We welcome, but we do not expect finished art works, or any specific type of result. rather, we expect the working process and the reflection about the process being documented, published, shared with the public in some way.

We do not want the production methods to determine the artistic output. Hence, we do not set any rules on audio formats, contents, concepts, length, etc.

We are primarily interested in the content, not the technical means, because technological limitations are no longer an excuse for dealing with the topic of space in sound.

We reserve the right to promote the participation of specific artists and their work prior to, during and following the residency period.

Acknowledgement of support is required on any documentation, printed or electronic, relating to or emerging from the residency by the artist.

The presentation of the sound work is not mandatory, since artistic exploration and experimentation does not always lead to results which should be disclosed to the public. However, we expect the artist to draft a text or record a video, reflecting on the new ideas, findings, or learnings, to be published on the residency’s website.

start, duration, and procedure

The period of one residency can last between 1 and 4 weeks. Before committing to a residency, we offer an introductory conversation through Skype to align individual needs and expectations. All relevant and necessary information about this residency will be provided in a handbook after acceptance. We will also provide a residency contract as a formal confirmation of the agreed arrangements between the artist and the organization including the exact dates of the work period and stay in the guest spæs lab, the financial terms, use of facilities, entitlements and obligations.


Currently, we can offer an lab-only program, and the residents are responsible for accommodation. We can help you you finding a nice place for your stay.


While we are working on the acquisition of funding to provide stipends in the future, we currently offer a user-pay residency. The cost for the spæs residency is 1.200 EUR per week and must be provided by the artist in residence. In addition, a fee of 35 € is required when submitting your application.
  • The residency can be further composed of various additional ingredients:
  • Additional day for working at the spæs spatial sound lab: 360 EUR/day
  • Spatial sound design, mixing or mastering professional 450 EUR/day or 80 EUR/hour
  • Mobile audio equipment (depending on individual needs and availability)

application deadline

We are continuously accepting submissions for residencies.

assessment & selection criteria

Submissions that are complete and eligible according to the application guidelines are reviewed by the curatorial board, consisting of experts in the various respective fields:
  • Gerriet K. Sharma, sculptural phenomena in musical composition and performances
  • Johannes Scherzer, sound scenography in spatial media

how to apply

Please send us an e-mail to and provide the following information.

800 words max. Please provide links to pictures, sounds, or videos if applicable.

research, creation, performance, design, education, other

How does your project contribute to the exploration of spatial aesthetics of sound? What is the desired outcome of your project? In what form will your work be presented, published and/or documented?

What kinds of support or assistance do you require for realizing your project (technical, theoretical, artistic, design, audio production, equipment, collaborators)? Please indicate whether these should be provided by the residency, or by the resident.

Please briefly describe your personal, professional and artistic background relevant to this project.

If available, please provide links to up to 5 reference works, or to documentations of these, relevant to your proposed project.

Indicate the desired start and end dates for the residency. If possible include more than one optional period. You may apply for periods starting on Monday, and ending on Saturday. Residencies can last from a minimum of one week, up to four weeks. Please also state whether you are re-applying, in case when having already completed a residency previously.

Please provide an estimation of the required budget for your project (including the residency cost, accommodation, documentation, presentation, etc.). Please indicate the matching funding resources.