OPEN CALL 2023/2024

The spæs residency propels the artistic and design research, experimentation, and creation of ideas and methods that revolve around the spatial aesthetics of sound.

Contributing to the diverse emerging body of shared knowledge is at the heart of the spæs residency program; that’s why we encourage residents to emphasize the creative process and experience over any final product — as well as reflect, document, and share it publicly in some way.

type: standard or micro residency
spatial aesthetics in sound
Berlin, Germany
submission deadline:
May 1st, 2023

standard residency

duration: 2 - 4 weeks
cost: 1.600 € - 2.400 € (you can apply for any time period and duration)

micro residency

duration: 3 days
cost: 900 €


The residency offers a flexible working environment, professional mentoring and the technical means to begin re-thinking habitual conceptions about the relationship between sound, space, and the listener, and experiment negotiating these ideas in practice. Residents are introduced to the most diverse methods of conceiving, modelling and presenting sound spatially in individual mentoring sessions. spæs residents can choose between two different spatial sound studios equipped with various state-of-the-art 3D audio technologies and different loudspeaker arrangements. Our goal is to tailor residencies to the individual needs.

who can apply

Artists, designers, practitioners, engineers, scholars, and researchers from all disciplines, including (but not limited to) arts, music, design, architecture, scenography, XR, games, and performance, whose work intersects with sound and space, are invited to apply for the spæs residency in Berlin.

what we offer

mentoring and coaching:
Residents are invited to discuss their ideas, plans, and previous projects to receive feedback and advice.

production support:

The production workflow for your project is developed together with the resident and supervised throughout the residency program.

spatial sound labs:

Residents have the possibility to work in one of the two spatial sound studios that differ in terms of equipment, architecture, and acoustics. Visiting and working sessions are possible in the other studio depending on availability.


Accommodation is available in one of the two studios.


While we are working on the acquisition of funding to provide stipends in the future, we currently offer a fee-based residency. The cost for the spæs residency depends on the applicant’s needs and duration of the residency. A standard residency period is between two (1.600 €) and four weeks (2.400 €), but you can apply any duration. A micro residency period is 3 days (900 €). Depending on which of the two studio spaces the artist prefers to work in, we can optionally offer a living area for the period (+50 € per day or +250 € per week).

how to apply

Please fill out the spaes residency application form. In case your application gets pre-selected, we offer an introductory conversation to align individual needs and expectations. We will provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

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