lab spaces

funkhaus berlin

The spatial sound studio located at Funkhaus Berlin is currently under construction and will be opened soon. It features both a loudspeaker half sphere and sound projectors (IKO, 393).

Prototyping workshop with 3D printing.

Stereo studio.

Analog synth station.

TAUCHER studio

The spatial sound studio located at TAUCHER features a 23.1 channel 3D loudspeaker setup, ambisonics plugins, a MNTN Spatial Sound System, IOSONO wave field synthesis processor, and mobile recording equipment including a Sennheiser Ambeo microphone, surround field recorders, and a unique wide-spaced 16 channel 3D microphone array.
A reference to the Funkhaus, the studio also features a pair of the legendary Gaithain RL 900 reference monitors that has been originally in use at Funkhaus Berlin before 1989.

Workshops & meetings.