Our internships are closely tailored to the ideas of spaes lab. As we consider everyone entering our labs being intrinsically interested and motivated to support our mission as well as we are to foster like-minded artists, designers, scientists, practitioners and theorists working on the understanding of sonic spaces and the aesthetics of sound as space in the 21st century, you do not pay us. Instead, we aim to support your work at spaes with complementary funding when available.

We provide an elaborate programme of documented listening tasks, site-specific interventions, small installations and training of basic skills, like recording, use of softwares and critical listening that all of our interns are asked to take part in.

This is strictly and only for the benefit of our guests to give them the opportunity to concentrate on important details that we normally take for granted or never have the time for to learn or just need feedback while there is no one around. We consider the lab’s internship as a safe space experience were you can focus on the basics and the most important details. It is about you taking actively a time out to gain knowledge outside the box. You want to write an essay on spatial practices? You are as much welcome as with a composition for spatial audio with a half-sphere of loudspeakers. You want to discuss your field recordings, or work on site-specificity in VR or R? In any case, you are most welcome.

Three day visiting programme

In our three day visiting programme you can find our how we are working, assist on what we are currently working on, listen, read, and draft and discuss a project that you follow up with in one of the larger spæs programs.

One week project development programme

In our one week project development programme you can discuss, distill, condense, and refine a certain interest together with us. Throughout the course of a week, we support you actively to develop your project, connect you with new ideas, people, concepts, workflows etc. which enable you to learn and produce within the framework of your chosen project.

Three week internship programme

Within a period of three weeks you become part of one of our spaes LAB projects, giving you the opportunity to learn while you are working with us actively on artistic or design projects* (e.g. performances and installations), on the library's content and structure, on the development of new research fields, on the planning of events, on contributing to the lab’s social media communications, on writing articles and publications for manifold contexts, or trying out or developing new technologies for production of space.

*In cases where you directly contribute to funded or commercial lab projects, we surely will share the project money among the team according to the individual amount of work.

How to apply

Working in one of our facilities, and getting access to people, knowledge, skills and ideas, interns are expected to propose an idea of how they can and want to contribute to the lab’s mission and community, and to articulate this concisely within an informal application. The application should also include relevant information about your personal and professional background, a project plan if applicable, and the intended time frames.

Please send your application to:

Please provide any attachments, PDFs, downloads etc. via links, e.g., to dropbox, google drive, or wetransfer.