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IKO repertoire

Since 2008 composers and sound artists have started to use and experiment with IKO in installation and concert purposes.  On this page we offer a forum for artists working with or who have worked with IKO, and for music, installation, and sonic artworks developed with and for IKO.

Gerriet Krishna Sharma:

    grrawe (2010)

    firniss (2012)

    mirage 1-6 (2013-2016)

    gleAM (2017)

    Semaphor for Helder Tenor Recorder and IKO (2018) with Susanne Fröhlich

    sonible Demo suite (in progress) 2022

    buried with daisy for Sub-contra bass Paetzlod Recorder, IKO and subwoofer tower         (2023) with Susanne Fröhlich

    “Medusa” for IKO, voice and analog synths (2023) with Jan Urbiks & Enyang Urbiks

Rashad Becker

    1 ca. 2018

Angela McArthur at IEM Graz

    2 (2018)


    ca. 5

Dugal McKinnon

    1 at IEM (2012)
    1 Wellington New Zealand (2022)

Studierende des IEM:

    ca. 5

Natasha Barrett (2018)

    Urban Melt (?)

Canada: (2018)


OSIL Summer School Class at IEM 2018 (Graz Austria):


Marc Sinan Berlin

Oumuamua 2022 (Reykjavik Iceland, Berlin Germany)

steirischer Herbst