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3 9 3 DIY

The - 3 9 3 - loudspeaker array

Stefan Riedel took part in the OSIL-IKO summer school and then, in the following months, designed the 393 loudspeaker array, a sort of 'downgrade' version of the IKO that can be built at home for 10% of the listed IKO price.

In the cause of his Master together with supervisor Franz Zotter, he developed a 3D printable housing for a compact spherical loudspeaker array. To be precise, a mixed-order array of 15 loudspeakers arranged in three rings, 3|9|3, achieving 4th order beamforming on the horizon.

Gerriet K. Sharma, Franz Zotter and Matthias Frank tested the new tool through listening tests and by developing new spatial compositions in a WTZ Styria funded 3 months research project.

In 2021 spaes Lab asked Stefan Riedel to customise two 393s for the lab and developed its own amplification approach with Richard Lucchesi.

Since 2020 Gerriet K. Sharma is working on live-performance concepts and installations:
“BirdL0re” for 393, double bass and subwoofer (2022), “simmmmrrrrnn” for 393 and subwoofer (2021-23), ATOLL sound installation for two 393s, subwoofer and translucent reflector screens (2023).

Publications by Stefan Riedel about the 393 loudspeaker: [...]