lab for spatial aesthetics in sound berlin 
The spæs lab for spatial aesthetics in sound Berlin welcomes artists, designers, and researchers from all disciplines including arts, architecture, design, film, games, music, scenography, theater, and XR, to explore the relationships between sound, space, and human experience from the perspective of aesthetics.

Our understanding of aesthetics is neither limited to art critique or beauty, nor is it limited to the isolated sensation of sound, sight, or touch. Rather, we conceptualize aesthetics as the way we holistically experience phenomena, including the environments, objects, and subjects of our everyday life, in relation to our expectations, and based on our individual reality. We think of spatial aesthetics as a day-to-day practice of world making inherent to every compositional act, with sound as one of its raw materials, and with loudspeakers in particular.

Through cross-disciplinary collaboration, exploration, and experimentation, the spaes lab supports the joyful exchange of ideas, skills, and knowledge among its members, and their respective communities. This includes, but is not limited to the creation of sound works and their application in practice, the cultivation of critical reflection, and the development and dissemination of knowledge.

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